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About Us

Origin of Operassist.me
Operassist.me was born out of a need for Managers to collaborate with their artists in a save and fast web enviroment.
Most managers in the opera industry use the managemyartists.com platform, a custom made CRM for managers.
To make communication easier with the artists they needed a way for their artists to log in view their personal information, update it, comment on opportunities, update the shared agenda etc.
This led to the creation of Operassist.me.

The operassist.me platform is meant as a tool for artists in all layers of their carreer.
Artists which are represented by and agency can cooperate with their agency in a seamless way trough the Operassist & Managemyartartists data api.
Share data with your agents in seconds, make changes to your shared calendar, look up agents nearby and more.

No represention
If you are not represented Operassist.me will still be of assistance ; )
With the toolset provided on operassist.me you can create contracts, generate invoices and manage your carreer easily.
For maximum online presence we offer a personal website package that includes domain, hosting and support.

Our Goal
Operassist.me is committed to making the online enviroment of agents and artists a transparant and easy place.
We are continually working towards this goal, with (very) regular software updates, great cooperation with both agents and artists and innovating ideas.